Guided CTRA/SMA Roundtable Discussion: Best Practices for Managing Total Rewards in the Pandemic Tech Workforce

2020 began with a bang for IT professionals with 31,300 tech jobs added to U.S. payrolls in the first three months according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). But the bottom soon dropped out, with the BLS reporting a stunning loss of 210,000 tech jobs from April to July. But August and September saw a turnaround with a net 25,600 tech jobs added back to U.S. payrolls and more expected in the final three months of 2020. 

In the greater Hartford area, scientific and technical services professionals have seen the largest growth among all occupations in year-over-year employment. Demand and competition for technical professionals will continue to grow as new companies enter the capital region, and existing employers grapple with emerging technologies. CTRA and SMA will explore the challenges and trends in attracting and retaining a technology workforce in a pandemically challenged environment in a November guided roundtable discussion – Best Practices for Managing Total Rewards in the Pandemic Tech Workforce. 

Tech labor market guru David Foote will be joining us to moderate and guide our discussion  on key labor market subjects  such as:

  • Industries that are booming in the pandemic (and why) and those that aren’t (and why)
  • Best practices in managing the work-from-home workforce• Predatory hiring practices and the popularity of up-skilling and retraining strategies
  • Tech worker compensation strategies driven by pandemic urgencies
  • Amped up digital transformation and acceleration of automation and artificial intelligence initiatives

Come prepared to join the conversation, share your perspective and pose your questions.

David will also share his most recent insights into the current tech labor market culled from his firm’s deep research partner network of 3,700 U.S. and Canadian employers, including:

  • Tech workforce impact from pandemic-influenced new cybersecurity threats; increased cloud adoption; expansion of containerization networking tech; explosion in big data and Internet of Everything
  • Forecast of things to come in managing the tech workforce

Please join us on November 12 from 10:00-11:00AM for this timely and highly informative roundtable discussion webinar of better/best practices and recent HR trends in managing the tech workforce as we all adjust to a New Normal that has yet to be fully defined but is impacting us all in the Total Rewards space.

Moderator Biography

Co-founder and Chief Analyst at Foote Partners since 1997, David Foote is a tech labor trends benchmark research pioneer and one of the most quoted industry authorities on global technology workforce evolution. After building his reputation at Gartner and several Silicon Valley companies, he has spent more than two decades introducing groundbreaking data-driven HR and technology benchmark research and analysis techniques focused on tech labor and the evolving tech/business continuum, while also innovating industry practices for more accurate compensation benchmarking and tracking/forecasting tech skills supply and demand.