Brain-Based Total Rewards

This Won’t Hurt A Bit: A Brain-Based Approach to Total Rewards

Jeff Nally
Jeff Nally

There’s neuroscience research and evidence-based practices that spark all the feel-good neurochemicals to deepen engagement and improve performance for leaders and employees in your workplace. Join me and your colleagues from CTRA of Northern CT and Western Mass. Along with SMA of Southern New England for a fun and enlightening program on September 26th.

There won’t be any cranial probes or electrodes for the audience, I promise! Instead, you’ll learn the brain-based ways to coach, give feedback, and acknowledge employees. Stop communicating in ways that unintentionally trigger a threat response in others’ brains, and start communicating so your message, intention, and emotion “land” in the listener’s brain with ease and greater understanding.

Effective coaching isn’t telling someone what to do; it’s about asking a few, key questions that spark insights in the coachee’s brain. And you probably didn’t feel happy and confident when your manager says, “Hey, step into my office. I need to give you some feedback.” How much more effective would feedback be if it were more like a gift that you really wanted from someone you trust?

After the program’s main presentation, we’ll have a round table discussion to apply brain-based answers to the real-world challenges you’re experiencing in your workplace. Bring examples of coaching, feedback, engagement, and recognition challenges in your organization, and we’ll create no-nonsense neuroscience solutions together. I look forward to seeing you – and your brain – on September 26th!